Kayser: 36 Violin Studies, Op. 20

Based on a suggestion by his wife, who is also a violin teacher, the conductor and violinist Claudio Cruz decided to record the thirty-six studies of the German violinist, violist, educator and composer Heinrich Ernst Kayser.

Cruz reviewed Kayser’s pieces a few times during his career as a violinist: The first, in his childhood, was an essential part of his musical education; then, around the age of twenty, during a period when he intensified his technical improvement; and finally, during preparations for the recording of this album, where he could count on his experience and excellence as a solidly recognized and admired artist in the music scene.

The pieces have a progressive approach, exploring a wide variety of techniques aimed at developing the violin student. Starting with simple proposals and little by little reaching great levels of complexity and difficulty, the composer’s studies get very challenging, demanding technical rigor, refinement, and high emotional expression from the instrumentalist.

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