New Releases


Brazú Quintê releases their second album, blending chamber music enriched with nuances of Brazilian music, and includes instruments such as electric guitar, piano, flute, cello, and violin

Dimitri Cervo: Complete Works for Piano from 1985 to 2023

Dimitri Cervo, composer and conductor, presents his complete piano works, performed by Lucas Thomazinho, a standout in the contemporary piano scene.

Perfume: Chiquinha Gonzaga Waltzes, Vol. 2

The pianist Karin Fernandes releases the second volume of her new project, presenting the unprecedented complete recording of Chiquinha Gonzaga's waltzes.

Brazilian Women Composers: Music for Viola

The violist Rafaell Altino, in his new album, turns his attention to a significant collection of contemporary viola pieces composed by Brazilian women.


Inspired by a challenging period in his life, Maycon Ananias, a composer, music producer, and arranger, introduces his first album, merging vulnerability and resilience.

Mendelssohn: String Quartets No. 1, 2 & 3

Following acclaimed performances, the prestigious Carlos Gomes Quartet presents the first volume of the complete collection of Felix Mendelssohn's string quartets.

Perfume: Chiquinha Gonzaga Waltzes, Vol. 1

The pianist Karin Fernandes releases the first volume of her new project, presenting the unprecedented complete recording of Chiquinha Gonzaga's waltzes.

After a Dream

Two exponents of classical music come together for the first time in a unique collaboration, presenting an album dedicated to the French repertoire performed on the cello and piano.

Brazilian Music For Oboe And Piano

The oboist Alexandre Ficarelli and the pianist Marcos Aragoni present a refined selection featuring works by Brazilian composers from the 20th and 21st centuries.

Brazilian Fruits

Olga Kopylova performs a set of unpublished works written for the piano, in tribute to Rodrigo Vitta's 30-year artistic career.

Piano Solos

Fabio Caramuru presents a comprehensive portrait of his musical career with original works and unprecedented interpretations.

Canções de Amor

Canções de Amor by Claudio Santoro and Vinicius de Moraes, in a precious fusion between Brazilian music and literature.

Clair de Lune

Selection of short pieces with a characteristic expressive aspect, performed on violin and piano.


The first solo album by Italian harpist Paola Baron, celebrates the art of translating the grandeur of opera into the unique universe of the harp.

Endless Search

Creating different atmospheres and exploring sound spatialization, Rodrigo Bragança handles improvisations and effects on the electric guitar.

Mozart: Sonatas for Piano and Violin, Vol. 2

Second volume of Mozart's "Sonatas for piano and violin", performed by Claudio Cruz and Olga Kopylova.

Mignone: Complete Original Works for Solo Guitar

First solo album by the guitarist from Paraná, celebrating the complete original works for guitar, written by Brazilian luminary composer Francisco Mignone.


First album by the Canadian quartet, featuring pieces by Italian and Brazilian composers.

Pocket Poetry

The duo's debut album, in original works inspired by the cycles of love. Soprano voice and trombone, accompanied by piano.

Between Light & Shadows

Presenting a style that adopts simple and minimalist performances, the Brazilian composer and pianist reaches his second album with original instrumental music.