New Releases


Celebrating the centenary of one of the greatest contributors to Brazilian music, Gabriel de Paula Machado, the Russian pianist—with over 20 million streams in her career—releases a special album in tribute to the composer.

Rachmaninoff: Cello Sonata, Op. 19 & Romances

Celebrating the 150th anniversary of Rachmaninoff's birth, the Brazilian cellist and the Russian pianist perform some of his most important pieces from the repertoire for their instruments.

Autre Temps

With original arrangements for harp and violin, the duo formed by Italian Paola Baron and Brazilian Edgar Leite releases an album that explores the richness of the Baroque repertoire and the lyricism of French Impressionism.

Beyond The Edge, Before The Stars

The Brazilian composer, pianist, and arranger, former member of Capital Inicial, releases his first solo album, marked by influences of minimalism, serialism, and atonalism.

Mendelssohn: String Quartets No. 4, 5 & 6

With omnipresent musical mastery and expanding the boundaries of the written repertoire for the instruments, the ensemble brilliantly and definitively presents interpretations of Felix Mendelssohn's quartets.

Corbani: Tarde de Outono & Other Songs

With over 10 million streams in their collaborations, the duo presents a new album featuring previously unreleased works by the brazilian composer Luis Corbani.

Brahms + Fauré

Interweaving extraordinary works by two luminous composers, the pianist delivers introspective interpretations, characterized by a subtle melancholy and nostalgic sense.

The Wings Suite, Op. 16

In collaboration with the Amazonas Philharmonic and Amazonas Choir, with orchestral arrangements by Rodrigo Morte, the acclaimed pianist from São Paulo expands the sonic universe of his works, always inspired by the richness of Brazilian fauna.

J. S. Bach: Sonatas, BWV 1020 – 1030b & Partita in A Minor, BWV 1013

In exquisite performances, one of the greatest contemporary Brazilian oboists presents reinterpretations of a triptych of masterpieces by the German composer.

Accordion Baroque

With virtuosic and astonishing interpretations, the accordionist from São Paulo renews the experience of the instrument in chamber music, transcribing with versatility and relevance seminal works by Bach and Scarlatti.

J. S. Bach: The Cello Suites

The six suites for solo cello by Bach - fundamental pillars in the lexicon of the instrument - interpreted here by one of the greatest cello exponents of our time.


With a unique lineup featuring piano, flute, cello, violin, and electric guitar, the São Paulo quintet blends chamber music with Brazilian Popular Music (MPB).

Dimitri Cervo: Complete Works for Piano from 1985 to 2023

Prominent in the contemporary piano scene, Lucas Thomazinho interprets the complete piano work of the composer and conductor from Rio Grande do Sul, nominated for the Latin Grammy.

Perfume: Chiquinha Gonzaga Waltzes, Vol. 2

In an unprecedented recording, the São Paulo’s pianist presents the complete works of one of the most emblematic genres of the Brazilian composer and conductor.

Brazilian Women Composers: Music for Viola

In a panorama of national pieces, the violist from the Odense Symphony Orchestra highlights female composers of contemporary classical music.


Inspired by a challenging period of his life, the composer and pianist showcases, in his debut album, vulnerability and resilience.

Mendelssohn: String Quartets No. 1, 2 & 3

In a benchmark interpretation of Felix Mendelssohn's first three quartets, the ensemble reveals the complexity and meticulousness present in these pieces.

Perfume: Chiquinha Gonzaga Waltzes, Vol. 1

In an ode to the Brazilian conductor and composer, the pianist presents a recording that immortalizes the relevance of a precious national legacy.

After a Dream

Two classical music exponents join forces for the first time on an album dedicated to French repertoire performed on cello and piano.

Brazilian Music For Oboe And Piano

A selection of pieces in a rich cross-section of the 20th century, interpreted by representatives of musical nationalism, in a dialogue between oboe and piano.