Foto de Daniel Grajew

Daniel Grajew

Daniel Grajew began his classical piano studies at age eleven and at fourteen he started playing drums. Specialized in piano by the University of São Paulo (USP), his versatility and creativity allowed him to build an eclectic and consistent career, where he went through different genres with authority, from erudite to choro, from jazz to tango.

He has performed in several countries and was awarded in important competitions, such as the “I Contest of USP Young Soloists” (2009), “XI Villa Lobos Contest” (2009) and “Guiomar Novaes Piano Contest” (2020), where he was voted best pianist in the popular music category. He also accompanied important names in the artistic scene, such as the Bachiana Philharmonic Orchestra, the USP Chamber Orchestra, Carlos Malta, Zizi Possi and Camille Bertault, among others.

His inventive and modern style, which values ​​improvisation, reaffirms the fluidity and naturalness of his compositions, in sophisticated rhythmic counterpoints. Whether on piano or accordion, his arrangements and interpretations are rich in nuances, textures and have well-crafted sound layers.



In an intimate approach, the album features thirteen original compositions, performed on piano and accompanied by other processed timbres.