Composer, keyboardist and producer from São Paulo, Corciolli began his piano studies with Nair Tabet – assistant to Magdalena Tagliaferro – and later studied harmony and improvisation in popular music, under the mentorship of Cacho Souza and Cláudio Leal Ferreira.

While still a teenager, fascinated with the sonic possibilities of synthesizers, he began to compose and participate in bands with friends from school and the neighborhood. Later, he played and recorded with bassist Celso Pixinga and with the world music group Espírito Cigano. In 1993, he released his first solo album, ALL THAT BINDS US, founding the Azul Music label.

Since then, Corciolli has built a solid career, with around two million CDs sold and reaching the milestone of more than four hundred million streams. In recent years, he has been dedicated to writing orchestral music and composing original soundtracks. His songs are featured in international collections alongside artists such as Hans Zimmer, Vangelis, Enigma, The Alan Parsons Project, Sarah Brightman, and Luciano Pavarotti, among others.


No Time But Eternity

In arrangements for piano, synthesizers and string quartet, combined with ethnic elements, the composer explores the union of orchestral and electronic sounds.
Capa Silent Worlds - Corciolli

Silent Worlds

Intimate interpretations on piano and synthesizers, in compositions that evoke feelings of nostalgia and hope.
Capa do Album Futura


Featuring two renowned musicians in interpretations that unite the universes of classical and electronic music.
Capa Imaginary Brazil

Imaginary Brazil

Works for piano, violin, cello and synthesizers, in orchestral arrangements, inspired by the Brazilian imaginary.
Album Ilusia


Instrumental progressive rock, with guitar, bass, drums and synthesizers samplers.