In Focus – Classical Music

Featuring a selection of 24 songs specially selected from the Azul Music label’s catalog, IN FOCUS is an anthology of thematic inspiration, which aims to accompany the listener in moments of study, concentration and focus.

Bringing well-known works from the traditional classical repertoire, as well as pieces by contemporary composers, the album features a set of artists of different expressions, working as a business card for new listeners. From Mozart to Satie, passing through Rossini, Beethoven, Chopin and Villa-Lobos, the repertoire stands out for its functional sense. Without minimizing the magnitude of the works, the album interleave musical pieces from the Western tradition with contemporary original songs, proposing a healthy intersection of artistic borders and audiences.

“Azul Music is more than a label, it is an act of courage. It invests in classical and ambient music, genres that go against the authoritarianism of algorithms and market forethought. The result is a differentiated catalog of quality and – why not say so? – futuristic. Today, while newspapers like the New York Times are betting on ambient as one of the styles that will likely make a difference in the music market in the coming years, Azul has in its cast some of the names that will certainly make a difference. A label company that bets on the love of art always wins.” – Sérgio Martins, music critic and artistic curator.

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