Miniatures: The Music of Cécile Chaminade

Cécile Chaminade (1857–1944) made a significant contribution to classical music, both as a virtuoso pianist and as a composer, with more than 300 pieces written, most of them for piano. Despite having achieved fame while still alive, she faded into oblivion after she stopped composing and performing due to health problems.

Passionate about the music of the French composer, Olga Kopylova – born in Uzbekistan and main pianist of the São Paulo State Symphony Orchestra, OSESP – pays tribute to the excellence of Chaminade’s work in fifteen flawless interpretations. “I was deeply touched by her work: Miniatures, sonatas, cycles, studies – she wrote a wide variety of pieces for piano and all of them have very rich musical elements.” – Olga Kopylova

MINIATURES masterfully outlines the pianist’s perception of the composer’s consistent work: Electing pieces such as Air de Ballet, Toccata, Poèmes Provençaux and Trois Dances Anciennes, Kopylova is successful in transmitting the poetry, sensitivity, and the virtuosity of her music. But, above all, the performer benefits from her impressive technique and remarkable experience, to highlight the value of the French musician’s compositions, renewing interest and recognition of her work.

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