Salut d’Amour

SALUT D’AMOUR is an emblematic collaboration project from Russian violinist Yuriy Rakevich and Uzbek pianist Olga Kopylova, residents in Brazil and musicians from OSESP (São Paulo’s State Symphonic Orchestra). They perform an anthology of miniatures from great popular and classical composers – Tchaikovsky, Schumann, Cyrill Scott and Astor Piazzolla, for example.

In music, miniature is a short dramatic and epic poetry adapted as a small instrumental, vocal or orchestral piece. The themes were meticulously selected by the artists, focusing on repertoires generally presented as an encore, the French term for “again”, pieces usually played by the end of a performance because of their popularity.

Wandering through more exotic sounds from the Middle-East (as in Lotus Land, by Scott), or through more passional nuances (the tango Rio Sena, by Piazzolla), the duo presents virtuosity and sensibility through touching performances with musical arrangements by Fritz Kreisler and Jascha Heifitz. Amidst several exceptional performances, Meditation de Thaïs by Massenet surely gains the spotlight for this album.

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