Morning Star

Plunging into the expressive music of Russian composers, Olga Kopylova – main pianist at the São Paulo State Symphony Orchestra (OSESP) – exhibits, in her first album as a soloist, a fine selection of emblematic works from Russia’s pianistic school.

Kopylova demonstrates virtuosity and great musicality in her performances of pieces by Nikolai Medtner (Fairy Tales, inspired by Russian folklore in several movements), Alexander Scriabin (Studies, Op. 8), Sergei Rachmaninoff (Études Tableaux) and ends the album with Sergei Prokofiev’s challenging Sonata No. 7, occasionally called Stalingrad, a piece of immense technical difficulty.

The album features an excellent recording, which highlights the pianist’s precise performance, who aptly imprints her memorable artistic personality in an indelible way.

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