Mind Oceans

In Mind Oceans, Rodrigo Bragança expands the universe of guitars by creating singular textures and soundscapes, having the benefit of spending years exploring new tones and experimental sounds. Emphasizing the use of effects and sound processing, the album introduces unconventional discourses that help telling its story through different improvisation and composition techniques.

As an example of his aesthetic discourse, the artist suggests a walk during Third Walkers, while in Mysterious Ocean introduces the first climax of this narrative; His choices are designed by moments when the guitar timbre breaks away from the cliché and gets closer to textures usually produced by synthesizers.

“I allow myself to get into a natural expression flow where I am present and observant. It’s a form of active meditation that I throw myself into without knowing how that song will end up sounding – On the currents of ideas (air) and emotions (water), I go wherever I feel the current is taking me, filling an ocean of sensations and journeys through deep waters” – Rodrigo Bragança.

MIND OCEANS is a singular collection of soundscapes, portrayed in compositions that bring innovation and ethereal atmospheres: A combination of the best in contemporary ambient music with sophisticated technological resources.

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