Silent Worlds

In a minimalist and stripped-down approach, SILENT WORLDS stands out for its simplicity and spontaneity. Bringing to light nine original compositions, performed on the piano and synthesizers in a week in March 2021, Corciolli compares the album to a “photography without filters”, whose themes, born of improvisations, were recorded in the instant moment of creation.

“Every time I’m in the studio working or studying, I play little improvisations on the piano, something that has become a habit, almost a ritual of connection with the music… I decided to record some of those moments, completely spontaneously, letting the interpretations flow. Since they were not previously planned, the themes bring ‘imperfections’, which, on one hand, could be worked on later, but on the other, emanate authenticity.” – Corciolli

Introspective, nostalgic and delicate, the melodies reflect a necessary internalization of processes related to loss, melancholy and long periods of social isolation that affected everyone during the pandemic, but which, for the author and his music, find their way in acceptance and mainly in transmutation: hope predominates and is victorious… In the words of the musician: “The unique combination of factors and events ended up revealing to me certain paths, where I could find (or rediscover) songs that have perhaps always been in me. My heart will always overflow with hope”.

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