No Time But Eternity

Featuring twelve new compositions by composer and instrumentalist Corciolli, NO TIME BUT ETERNITY features an exceptional string quartet, formed by exponents of classical music in Brazil: conductor and violinist Claudio Cruz and Renan Gonçalves on violins, Gabriel Marin on viola and Raïff Dantas Barreto on cello.

In addition to the orchestral arrangements, there are ethnic sounds and special textures from the electronic synthesizers, giving the project a natural approach to a movie soundtrack. The album also features the special participation of Armenian musician Arsen Petrosyan, playing the duduk (traditional Armenian wind instrument) on the track Yerazel, as well as Kenyan singers Eric Wainaina and Vini Ngugi, in Ulimwengu (“World”), with lyrics in Swahili, written in partnership with Corciolli, representing the message of awareness and preservation of the planet that inspired the entire project: Ulimwengu ukizunguka/Kile tunachopanda/Bila shaka ndicho tutavuna/Kama jua likitua/Yale tunayofanya/Bila shaka ya tatufuata (“As sure as the world turns / What we plant / We will surely reap / As sure as the sun sets / What we do / Will no doubt will follow us”)

The album was mixed by award-winning American audio engineer Alan Meyerson, who worked with composer Hans Zimmer, and is credited in over two hundred film soundtracks, including Gladiator, Interstellar, The Lion King and Dunkirk, as well as working for artists such as New Order and Moby.

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