Lied is a word in the German language that means “song”, and is a term typically used in the world of music to describe works written for piano and solo singing. Widely used by composers of the Romantic period, such as Franz Schubert, Johannes Brahms and Robert Schumann, the format takes on new shape through the unique approach of pianist Flávio Augusto and cellist Raïff Dantas Barreto.

Lieder ohne Worte (“Songs without Words”) is a project conceived based on the work Dichterliebe (“Poet’s love”), by Schumann, using the cello as a substitute for the singing. The interpretations, however, were not restricted to the simple transcription of the melodies for the instrument, but took into account the poetry and emotion of the words, as if the cello were actually singing. To achieve it, Dantas Barreto used different articulations in the instrument, respecting the pronunciation of the words existing in the original works. Flávio Augusto is a pianist and pedagogue, with a master’s degree from UFRJ, awarded in 28 national and international competitions, and one of the greatest performers of this repertoire in Brazil.

Among hundreds of exceptional songs written by the three great German masters, the duo overcame the difficult task of selecting the repertoire for only one album, leaving up in the air the possibility of recording new volumes. “Schumann had a very strong connection with words and it was in the “lieder” that he managed to express this idea of ​​the union of text and music, as if they were one and the same. This was the great challenge, to convey the emotion and essence of the works, but without the words” – Raïff Dantas Barreto

The full album hit the digital music platforms last Friday, on December 03, through Azul Music.

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