Brazilian Music for Oboe & Cello

From extensive research of the Brazilian repertoire originally composed for the two instruments, the oboist Alexandre Ficarelli and the cellist Raïff Dantas Barreto – colleagues in the Municipal Symphony Orchestra of São Paulo – began the execution of this unique project, which rescues and brings to light unpublished works written specifically for these instruments.

By the composer Mario Ficarelli (Alexandre’s father), the musicians elected Sonatina para Violoncelo Solo – which is a version of the homonym work written for solo viola – and the unpublished Quatro Esboços para Oboé Solo; By Liduino Pitombeira, Seresta No. 18 was chosen with its two movements, Modinha and Baião, which are part of this composer’s cycle of pieces inspired by the Brazilian dances, rhythms and musical genres; From Edmundo Villani-Côrtes, the work is Frevo Oboecélico with its festive and dancing characteristics, where the composer’s good humor appears in the choice of the title.

From José Guerra Vicente, the duo brings to the repertoire the piece Divertimento para Oboé e Violoncelo, written in 1973, shortly before the composer’s death; Finally, By José Vieira Brandão, the piece “Duo” was chosen, with a very intimate melody of its first movement – entitled Seresta. The second movement, Desafio, is a reference to a cultural practice in northeastern Brazil called repente, where two musicians complement each other by singing improvised comic verses.

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