Portfolio Items

In Focus – Classical Music

Classical and original works by multiple artists, a special selection to accompany moments of study and concentration.

Remain in Silence

Debut album from the Brazilian pianist and composer, featuring minimalist themes.


Original compositions in intimate interpretations, which invite us to contemplate silence and poetry.

Mind Oceans

Atmospheric improvisations, with emphasis on the use of effects and experimental processing of electric guitar tones.

No Time But Eternity

In arrangements for piano, synthesizers and string quartet, combined with ethnic elements, the composer explores the union of orchestral and electronic sounds.
Capa Silent Worlds - Corciolli

Silent Worlds

Intimate interpretations on piano and synthesizers, in compositions that evoke feelings of nostalgia and hope.
capa Valsas & Choros

Valsas & Choros

Repertoire of Brazilian songs from the beginning of the 20th century, performed on violin and piano.


In an intimate approach, the album features thirteen original compositions, performed on piano and accompanied by other processed timbres.
Capa do Album Futura


Featuring two renowned musicians in interpretations that unite the universes of classical and electronic music.


Anthology of pieces by classical and contemporary artists, inspired by the concept of timelessness.